Cinema 2010

So here’s everything m’self and Dr B saw at the flicks in 2010. There’s a few notes and things under the list (and here’s the 2009 list for comparison).

The Road
No Distance Left To Run
Up In The Air
A Single Man
The Wolfman
The Crazies
Soloman Kane
Shutter Island
Green Zone
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
I Love You Philip Morris
Kick Ass
The Headless Woman
How To Train Your Dragon
Iron Man 2
Four Lions
Prince Of Persia
The Brothers Bloom
Sex And The City 2
Toy Story 3
Black Narcissus
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
The Girl Who Played With Fire 
The Illusionist
The Secret In Their Eyes
Winter’s Bone
The Town
The Social Network
The Kids Are All Right
The American
Tron: Legacy

In summary: quite a lot of good films, but far more mediocre ones (I paid to see Solomon Kane? What on Earth was I expecting?). Very few excellent ones. Many terrible ones.

There are quite a few films that promised great things, but didn’t quite deliver for whatever reason. Some were 90% excellent but were missing a certainsomething – I’m intrigued to see how some of these reward repeat viewings (A Single Man, Scott Pilgrim and Monsters in particular).

Amazingly, Sex And The City 2 wasn’t the worst film of the year. To be perfectly honest, I came out of it with the same goofy grin on my face that I had after watching Batman and Robin all those years ago. It’s not that I enjoyed it as such, I just think that halfway through I realised that you’re not supposed to like any of the characters, and that changed how I was watching it. It was like a misogynistic car-crash that you couldn’t quite look away from. It’d make for an interesting double bill with The Killer Inside Me, just to see how much woman-hating it’s possible to watch before you throw up.

No, the worst film of the year was either The Headless Woman (synopsis: woman goes shopping, dyes hair) or The Girl Who Played With Fire (synopsis: girl has cheekbones, subtitles). To be fair, I didn’t watch all of the latter because it was so unspeakably terrible. For all I know it had the most amazing third act of any film ever, but I doubt it.

3D continued to be blurry and dark and unimpressive. 

It was an interesting year for science fiction – just look at the first and last films on the list to see the healthy breadth of the genre. Obviously the best example of this was Inception, joining Edward Scissorhands in the microgenre of “You’ve Made Us Millions With Batman Now Go Make What You Want” films. I fear it’ll be one of those films, like Seven or Scream, that leads to a glut of cheaper, poorly written, missing-the-point-entirely imitators. It’s still my film of the year though, just edging out The Social Network, a film whose concept I heartily guffawed at when I first heard about it.

Other notable mentions, just for being uncomplicated pure bits of happy-making cinema: Cyrus, Unstoppable and Kick Ass. Toy Story 3 I’m still wrestling with a little. Before the beautiful big crying scene (and yes I did), there’s a scene so out-of-place, so manipulative and so calculatedly traumatic, that I feel a bit cheated. It’s a shame that one of Pixars biggest missteps takes place in an otherwise fine film.

All in all, not a great year. Here’s hoping 2011 has a bit more to offer.