Jack Coggins

Jack Coggins' space-age illustrations – particularly these from Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles and Spaceships (1951) and By Spaceship to the Moon (1952) – depict the future from a very particular period, when the idea of manned space exploration was transitioning from pure fantasy to exciting possibility. And they're beautiful. Rather than fretting about pathetic little borders down here on Earth, maybe we should be embracing more of this kind of species-wide optimism and sense of adventure. Check out jackcoggins.info for more of Coggins' work.

CMYK Shuttles

The San Diego Air and Space Museum's archive on Flickr is jam-packed with beautiful photographs and illustrations from the Space Shuttle programme. It's hard to pick out any particular favourites, so I just decided to go for a good spread of colours. Ain't they lovely? It seems weird that these are now vehicles of the past, historical artefacts, obsolete ideas of the future.