Accidental LSO rebrand


Caught sight of the Apple website upside-down the other day, and it struck me that they've inadvertently come up with a natty little logo for the London Symphony Orchestra. Not that they need one – their current one is rather beautiful and clever. A great example of the magic that can be magicked with a simple squiggly line. Anyway, now I'm looking at everything the wrong way up just in case there's a potential something, even if it's just an interesting flipped S. Another symptom of the design disease.

NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual

Recently discovered in a locker beneath some old gym clothes (a bit random, that), this first edition New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual is quite, quite superb. Designed by Massimo Vignelli at Unimark International (of lab coat aficionado fame) in 1970, it's barely aged a day – testament to just how influential the great man still is.

Every detail deserves closer scrutiny, so it's well worth visiting the Standards Manual site for shots of the whole thing. Or, for a more concentrated graphic burst, lovely chap Matt Coyne has put together this video flick-through. Get it on the biggest display you can find, prise you're eyes open with matchsticks and stick it on loop for a few hours.

DC rebrand


When I first saw it, I wasn't too sure about the new DC branding – it looks like they sell stickers to me – but now I've seen how they plan to use it, I'm a little more convinced. Only a little. The gradient and the slim horizontal opening of the C still look a bit off. My big bugbear (commented on previously) is that they still insist on putting "Comics" after the abbreviation for "Comics". I know that some people are absolutely fine with this, but to me it's far, far worse than the whole Waterstones' apostrophe uproar.

Detective Comics. Or DC. DC Comics just looks stupid.