Can't smile without you

Due to "the coffee incident" a couple of weeks ago, I'm without a zero/close-bracket key. It's just dead. I've mostly been able to cope by using the number pad, but sometimes my finger still instinctively goes for the dead zero at the top of the keyboard. As I'm one of those morons who stares at the keyboard whilst typing rather than at the screen, I generally don't notice until it's too late. This morning I emailed a printer asking them if they were 1% certain that something had been processed correctly. Face. Palm.

(Incidentally, in my continued Pouring Fluids Over Apple Hardware project, I've also found that a glass of orange juice has no effect whatsoever on an iPhone. I think it had something to do with the "bits".)

One nice little upshot of this situation is that whenever I need a close-bracket, I just turn to twitter. More often than not, there'll be someone emoticon-grinning on there, so I can just copy and paste from that. And if there's none to be seen, I just ask people to smile and I get a pile of nice little sideways happy robot faces looking at me within seconds. Always perks me up.

Thanks, human-populated-internet. You rule.