Bullets Over Broadway


God only knows how I’ve made it this long with seeing Bullets Over Broadway. I’m an on-off fan of both Woody Allen and John Cussack, and this film belongs in both their best-ofs. It’s just great, the sort of thing Allen should do more often – it has a story and everything! Plus Diane Wiest and Chaz Palimenteri, actors I always thought of as nothing more than dependable support, put in a scene-stealing performances as, respectively, pickled stage diva and henchman-writer (one of the less common multi-hyphenates in showbiz).

Anyway, aside from all that actual filmy goodness, I noticed in the credits that Windsor Light Condensed, Allen’s typeface of choice, has a really bloody nice ampersand. Isn’t it pretty? And now I put it to you: can you think of any other directors with special relationships to particular typefaces?