I just visited David Bowie's official site. Oh dear.

Now I realise the great man hasn't toured or released anything in a while, but it's still rather shocking to see him represented by such an out-dated site, especially as there was a time when he was at the forefront of the whole web thing. Back in 1996 he was the first artist to make a single (Telling Lies) available through the Internet, and a couple of years later launched his own ISP.

Although there's still a steady trickle of news, the design of the site has clearly been neglected for a long time. It's small and bitty and littered with adverts and is just horrible. Tellingly, the site's welcome blurb refers to the "forthcoming" 2003/2004 tour, and to make matters worse, the site is drenched in the garish career-low artwork for his Reality album. If you wish, you can have "membership" of the site (with exclusive buddy icons and wallpapers!) for a mere annual fee of $64.99.

So, Universe, could you sort this sad state of affairs out please? David Bowie – the great, great David Bowie – should have the most amazing website on the planet, not the most embarrassing. I've decided that he'll be big news again in 2014 when he releases a last-hurrah series of albums, lands an Oscar for Best Actor and Best Score for Christopher Nolan's Tesla War, and establishes the International Emergency Sci-Fi Unit. Could you sort something out by then please? Thanks.