Okay, this was bound to happen. I'm not even ten books into my Bowie Book Club thing and I've gone and changed my mind about one of them. This is the problem with this sort of theoretical self-initiated project – there is no absolute end point. It doesn't get signed off by a client, it doesn't go to  print, it doesn't appear in book shops. So there's always the temptation to delve back in and tweak. Or in this case, completely reject.

Every time I see my original red boxy effort for Arthur C Danto's Beyond the Brillo Box, it niggles. It just doesn't have that oompf that the subject deserves. I honestly don't believe I would bother picking it up whilst prowling the art and design shelves in Waterstones (one of my favourite pastimes). It doesn't look grabbable or, even worse, sniffable.

So I'm now officially replacing it with this design, which hopefully does tick those boxes.