Big type

Whilst watching Up In The Air (very good by the way), I was distracted by the massive American Airline logo on a tail-fin of a 747. And then a question popped into my head that I can’t shift: what/where is the biggest type in the world?

Dr B, ever patient with my inane fontular ramblings, suggested the Hollywood sign. Possible, I thought. After a quick visit to Wikipedia and few taps into Convertbot, it turns out the sign is set at an impressive 42,520pt. Pretty darn big.

And then I was directed to Woodtyper’s post on the Tillamook Air Museum, a massive hanger sporting the words “AIR MUSEUM” in gargantuan 120,000pt Helvetica. Now that’s BIG (see the comparative scale image above and shudder in vowel-fear).

But I’m sure that can’t be it. There must be something bigger. Probably in Vegas. Can you think of anything? Please send any suggestion on the back of a stamped addressed tweet to the usual address.