Bad Grammar

I've mostly been drinking for the past 48 hours. Not feeling too good.

Went to Grammar (York nightclub of usual wondrousness) last night, but was a bit disappointed with the tunes. All the good stuff (a bit of Interpol, a bit of The Walkmen) was played while were queuing to get in, and then once we got in we were surrounded by 15-year-olds bobbing up and down to some generic indie stuff. The guest DJ seemed to be more interested in showing off his obscure music collection than actually entertaining the crowd.

Still, top marks to the girl who turned up in what appeared to be a bridesmaid dress. No marks, none whatsoever, to the guy with the Joey Ramone obsession having difficulty rolling a fag because he was wearing sunglasses inside. Fool.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that York needs a night for those of us who've managed to leave school, don't need to be ID'd everywhere we go and just like good tunes we can dance to without feeling too old.

I feel like Rob from High Fidelity.