Auteurs at City Screen

I'm a sucker for any film that mentions "gumption" and "hair-brained schemes" and has people falling over and breaking their spectacles, so getting to watch Howard Hawks' screwball classic Bringing Up Baby on the big screen this weekend was a real treat.

It was screened at the first of four weeks of films and lectures on auteur theory, run by the University of York's Martin A. Zeller-Jacques. Although I've done more than my fair share of film studies in the past (one day those qualifications will come in handy … one day …), I really can't get enough of this sort of thing. A smart speaker talking about fascinating stuff, and then a classic film? Splendid.

(Plus it makes a nice change from getting up on a Saturday morning and playing Black Ops for a couple of hours while I contemplate lunch.)

Coming up over the following weeks, I've got Rope, The 400 Blows and Close Encounters of The Third Kind to look forward to. And then once this course is over, hopefully there'll be another a can start straight away.