Arts & Architecture


I'm a sucker for two colour geometry. I dug this gem out of my bookmarks the other day: the cover of Arts & Architecture, August 1954. As illustrated magazine covers go, this is about as close to perfection as it's possible to get (and seemingly a distant cousin of the Summerteeth sleeve I posted a few days ago). I've had Taschen's box set reprint of the magazine on my wishlist for some time now – it's just a tad pricey at £450! It'd look lovely on the Vitsoe shelves that I also can't afford.

I know I've banged on about this before, but I still think Arts & Architecture – every issue filled to the brim with Case Study Houses loveliness – would make for a perfect back-issue-app-archive thing – something I wish more owners of defunct magazines should consider. Every issue of The Face on your iPad, anyone?

More magaziney goodness in my Gimme Bar collection.