An open letter to Tom Gauld and Duncan Jones

Tom, Duncan,

I don't know if you're aware of each other's work, but an insistent voice in the back of my head keeps telling me that it imperative that you collaborate on a small but perfectly formed Moon comic.

Duncan, you already have the story and the tone and the look sorted out. You can pretty much get on with editing Source Code, or whatever it is you're up to at the moment. Tom, you've got an excellent science fiction aesthetic, tinged with humour and loneliness, that would serve the story perfectly. Like a glove. Like a big padded spaceman glove. See him up there? Tell me that isn't Sam Rockwell. And I'll be gosh-darned if GERTY isn't from the same production line as one of your many robots. 

Duncan, if you're still not convinced, wrap your eyes around The Gigantic Robot. Tom, watch Moon (not for the first time, I'm sure).

The insistent voice (it's starting to sound like Kevin Spacey) is now telling me that I need to go and get myself a KitKat from the fridge. I'd better obey. I'll leave you two to discuss this amongst yourselves.

Thank you.

D. A. Gray Esq.