All those comments will be lost in time, like tears in rain

So I've been running the redesigned Swiss Cheese and Bullets on Squarespace for a couple of weeks now. I've imported a LOT of old posts(dating back to the heady days of nought-four), entwined my wisdomly tumblr, made a big reading list(disclaimer: it makes me a very small amount of money) and generally got everything working in a ship shape and Bristol fashion. 

One thing I'm still getting used to is the presence of comments. I've lived a fairly comment-free existence for the last couple of years, thanks mostly to the Fisher-Price nature of Tumblr, so it's nice to be getting a bit of discussion on here again. However …

I know this sounds all "I remember when t'Internet were now't but fields as far as eye could see", but when I started blogging years ago, comments used to appear as comments, under a blog post in a comments section. That's where people commented. These days the majority of responses to a post happen on Twitter. Don't get me wrong, Twitter is the bee's knees, and I love the instant conversations about little things that ebb and flow on there throughout the day. It never ceases to amaze me how remarkably insightful people can be in fewer than 140 characters. But due to its ephemeral nature, those comments and exchanges quickly get buried under a thousand new tweets and are basically lost by the end of the day.

It'd be nice to just grab them and staple them to the post in question. I'm sure there are tools that allow this (I'm particularly interested to see what Pushnote can do once it's Safari-friendly), but as far as I can tell, not in Squarespace. Fingers crossed a solution presents itself soon – I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem.

Anyway, thanks for all the kind words and links and responses to my ramblings, no matter where you leave them!