A waste of a perfectly good dimension

Hey film industry, enough with the 3D shenanigans already. Stop it. I don't want to wear sunglasses indoors any more (over the glasses I'm already wearing), just to watch a slightly dimmer version of a film – especially one that doesn't even look that three-dimensional anyway, because my eyes have adjusted and compensated for the effect by the time the twenty minutes of 3D adverts and trailers have finished. And I certainly don't want to pay an extra couple of quid for this inferior viewing experience.

Do you know what 3D added to Avatar? Nothing. Toy Story 3? Nothing. Thor? Well, maybe one nice hammer-thrown-at-camera shot, but apart from that, nothing.

Now apparently 2011 is crunch time for the gimmick technology. After a few under-performing films, the industry suits are paying very close attention to how well this summer's big 3D films do. This is our opportunity to tell them what we want. It's imperative that we all avoid Transformers 3 and Cars 2 (I'm sorry Pixar, but as a sequel to your least impressive film, it's expendable and must be sacrificed for the greater good). If you are going to see Captain America (and his variable sizing issues), then you won't miss a thing if you see it in 2D.

And it's not just audiences who should make a stand. Cinemas, if you really want people to stay at home and watch stuff on their increasingly massive TVs rather than come to you for a night's popcorn-fuelled entertainment, then charging them extra for an inferior, slightly nauseating version of film is a pretty much a sure-fire plan.

We have to make a stand now, otherwise by 2025, cinema will consist solely of Paul WS Anderson films featuring Milla Jovovich throwing things at the camera.