A portfolio that works

Here is my current portfolio site. It needs a bit of a rethink for the forthcoming Big Freelance Adventure, so I've been having a look around to see what other freelancers are doing, looking for the best ways of communicating my services. And to be honest, I'm finding lots of amazing work on amazing-looking sites … that just don't work.

You see, I'm not just talking about an attractive slideshow – I know what the increasingly homogenous platforms like Behance and Cargo can do – I'm after sites that actually communicate to potential customers. Informative, professional, well-written. More "I want to work with that person and now I know who they are and what they do and how I get them to do it" than "Well that's a nicely presented collection of jpgs". Sites that work. Sites aimed at clients, not just other designers.

So, suggestions please: have you seen any great freelancer sites that are more more than just pretty presentations? (And please – no self-nominations!)