— Is nothing a colour? Some thoughts on the meaning of absence in design. Featuring Dave Eggers, Italo Calvino and The Beatles.

— Booktuber Holly Dunn on the mystery and magic of what lies beneath the dust jacket. It's like I've always said: more books should have concealed nifflers.

— Can you judge a book by its odour? Cocoa, wood, rusks – every book has a distinctive smell. And each smell says something about how and when it was made, and where it has been. Living with a recovering anosmic, I find this stuff absolutely fascinating. 

— Typesetting is an archive of publicly sourced images of found typography in the Leeds area. Love this project – makes me want to head out onto the streets of York to just … find. Made by the jolly nice folks at Colours May Vary.

— Dealing with the solitude of self-employment – freelancers reveal how they overcame feelings of isolation and created new communities as a result.  

— Very much looking forward to Anime Architecture, the House of Illustration's new exhibition of background illustrations for classic Japanese sci-fi. It's worth watching the original Ghost in the Shell just to lose yourself in Hiromasa Ogura’s beautiful watercolour cityscapes. 

— Nightlights by Lorena Alvarez and Nobrow Press is all sorts of wonderful. Basically a fable about the the tension between creativity and fame, with gorgeous artwork and … oh just get it already. You'll love it.