— The beginning is the end is the beginning – Spine takes a look at the fine art of endpapers. Also, check out this wonderful collection of endpaper maps. 

— The new issue of The Happy Reader features interviews with Kristin Scott Thomas and a look at Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! Plus you can get your hands on a limited edition Isokon Penguin Donkey, coloured to match the Pocket Penguins series. Want want want.

Ulysses: a history in covers.

An algorithm has been built to predict a book’s genre by its cover. It isn't very good. Which is a good thing … isn't it? The future confuses me.

— Rather exciting if you're of a certain age and game-playing persuasion: Read-Only Memory have just published a beautiful new book on the history of The Bitmap Bothers.

New book Looking Good decodes the graphic design of nuns. Yes, that’s right, nuns. I have no idea who this book is for, but it's a fascinating subject nonetheless.

You Are Here: NYC collects 200 cartographic interpretations of the city, including a Jewish literary map, a nightclub map of Harlem and the Ghostbusters subway map. 

— “We recommend you choose one size larger than your usual size” – I know I don’t need the School of Life philosopher’s jumper, and yet I really really do need it quite a lot.

— I’ve put together a collection of recommended books for designers and the design-minded. They’re all very heavy and have lots of nice pictures in them, so strong shelves and wide eyes are required. 

A wonderful Leonard Cohen anecdote from romcom guru and all round lovely chap, Billy Mernit.