— Illustration Chronicles. Interview with Philip Kennedy, who has set himself the task of covering 175 years of illustration history in 175 articles (and is doing it brilliantly, I might add).

— Spotting real-world architecture in Monument Valley. Stop playing Monument Valley II for ten minutes and revisit this insightful piece from Curbed architecture critic Alexandra Lange.

— Imagine wanting only this. Spine chats to writer illustrator and designer Kristen Radtke about her beautiful new comic, a meditation on death and architecture. Love that cover.

— The joy of reading roleplaying games. I used to love poring over Paranoia and Judge Dredd rulebooks, probably more than actually playing the games themselves. Definitely a weird form of literature in its own right. Contains your new favourite word, ergodic.

— The history of the Jurassic Park logo. Featuring the best feedback fax that any jacket designer could ever hope to receive. See also: the JP t-shirt that costs £315 for some reason. 

— Standing up for cinema. Excellent and eloquent piece by Martin Scorsese, defending film as an art-form. Amazing that this is somehow still in dispute.