— Ladybird modernism. The rise of Ladybird books coincided with postwar reconstruction – John Grindrod explores these accidental illustrated time capsules of British modernism. 

— Cutaway World. A blog dedicated to cutaway diagrams and illustrations. More than just nostalgia – this is an invaluable resource for augmented reality designers. 

— Bridges, etc. What’s the best way to cross the Thames? All 63 options ranked. 

— You chose wrong. A harrowing collection of Choose Your Own Adventure fates. I'd completely forgotten that my childhood was filled with so much drowning and impaling and exploding and sudden death and more impaling. 

— Closets. Shannon Mattern's stuffed history of the closet; a site of storage, paranoia, aspiration and self-definition; where the past becomes space.

— Block. This supercut of writers struggling with writer’s block, from Barton Fink to The Royal Tenenbaums, is painfully spot-on. Elsewhere in the typewriterverse: why I left a biotech career to repair typewritersturn your piano into a typewriterLauren Wakefield talks about designing Tom Hanks' Uncommon Type

— Poet on the shore. A robot that goes for leisurely strolls on the beach and then writes poems about its feelings in the sand. Nothing to worry about. Probably won't malfunction and go on a killing spree. Everything's fine, everything's absolutely fine.