— TypeNotes. Fontsmith's new journal dedicated to typography and graphic design is all sorts of lovely. Great design, photography, words, the lot. Deserving of the very crispest chef-fingerkiss. 

— Girls on tops. It's minimal to the extreme, but there's something kind of very great about this "t-shirt celebration of female voices in film". I'll have a Laura Dern one please. 

— Dictionary Stories. Love this project by Jez Burrows. Very short stories composed entirely of example sentences drawn from a variety of dictionaries, with nothing added except the odd conjunction or preposition for flavour. 

— Blacklego. Blackletter type made entirely from LEGO bricks. Trying to work out how I can shoehorn this into a job.

— Streets of London. We Made This are collecting pictures of and stories about London street nameplates – "they aren’t just visual anchors, telling us where we are, but are temporal anchors too, telling us where we’ve come from". 

— Marbles. This 1970 Bedfordshire County Council film about the art of paper marbling will improve your week significantly. Trust me. A nice reminder that the internet isn't entirely awful.