Friday link

This week's hypertext jamboree: 

  • Researchers at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York are capturing the smell of its old books to reconstruct the building’s original 1906 aroma.

  • When I was a kid, Sunday wasn't about rest or church, it was about the top 40. It meant something. And now? In 2016 there were only 85 different songs in the UK top 40.

  • Everything you (or rather, I) need to know about Risograph printing, courtesy of Hato Press.

  • Pandora's unboxing video.

  • Romcom scientists Tess Morris and Billy Mernit have started a new podcast, You Had Us At Hello, all about discussing, defending and defining the genre.

  • "Don't romanticise your 'vocation'. You can either write good sentences or you can't. There is no 'writer's lifestyle'. All that matters is what you leave on the page." – Zadie Smith's ten good writing habits.

  • Zak Kyes reflects upon ten years as Art Director of the Architectural Association.

  • Sideways Dictionary is quite wonderful and genuinely useful – using pithy analogies, it explains all of that fiddly tech terminology that you pretend to already understand because you're scared of looking stupid and being overwhelmed by the future that is coming at you way to fast and how come everyone else seems to know this stuff already, etc.

  • I've rediscovered Khoi Vinh's excellent design/technology/culture blog, You probably should too.

  • Heinz has brought a fictional ad campaign from Mad Men into the real world. It's very nice but … why now? This would've been fantastic five years ago.