— Norbert Dragonneau, et al. On the twentieth anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, booktuber Holly Dunn takes a look at the different Potter covers and translations from around the world.

— Three by three. Mathematicians try to work out how many different ways a nine-panel comic grid (such as that used in the layout of Watchmen) can be used. More interesting than it sounds. 

— IADDB. Can't remember how I stumbled upon the International Advertising & Design DataBase, but oh my word it's incredible. Full, searchable scans of hundreds of magazines from 1894–2017. Just type your favourite designer's name into the search box and watch your day vanish.

— New000000. A splendid project looking at contemporary use of black – or rather dark grey, dark brown, very dark blue and exceedingly off-white – on the internet.

— Aitch or Haitch? Michael Rosen looks at why H is one of the most contentious letters in the alphabet – wrapped up in issues of class, religion and people who say the word "herb" incorrectly. 

— The Corners of Cthulhu. HP Lovecraft and JG Ballard both put architecture at the heart of their fiction, and both made the humble corner into a place of nightmares.