Meanwhile …

Asbury on Asbury. For my latest SuperHi interview, I chatted to writer Nick Asbury about Sideways Dictionary, how to make jargon understandable again, and the value of a good analogy.

— Sneezecount. Peter has been logging his sneezes for ten years. Because … why wouldn't you? Strangely fascinating.

— What is a fantasy map? The new season of Game of Thrones looks like it's going to be particularly cartographic – a good excuse to read this British Library article on the design of fantasy maps. See also: Fantasy City Generator

— Shelf Heroes. Fargo, Fight Club, The French Connection, Fantasia, Festen, First Blood, Frances Ha – the new issue of the fantastic film mag looks fabulous.

— Micro Machines. Designer Tim Smith has created an online museum showcasing his collection of the tiny toy cars. Used to love these (and the Playstation game) so darn much.

— 50 Books | 50 Covers. Design Observer's annual round up of the best book cover designs from the past year. So much fantastic work. Weirdly presented as tiny thumbnails for some reason.

— Loud quiet loud. A group of bored developers and designers compete to design the worst volume control interface in the world. Hilarity, as the universe dictates, ensues.