Friday links

Your weekly dose of webstuff. Clickety-click.

  • Tom Gauld has a bunch of new prints and originals in his shop. If anybody wants to buy me every single one of them, that would be awfully kind. 
  • A brief history of the pencil, as told by a pencil aficionado.
  • I'm currently reading Kassia St Clair's The Secret Lives of Colour. Really interesting book that explores the history of various shades, dyes and hues. See also: Mummy Brown.
  • Charlie, Oscar, Grace, Clara, Alfred, Lulu, Benny, Ginger … Reed Words look at a new trend in brand naming.
  • "I take down the schmutz …" – bookbinding the old fashioned way
  • The new Johnson Banks website is very … just go and a have a scroll.
  • I'm halfway through S-Town, the new podcast from the makers of Serial and it's quite incredible. Starts off as one thing, then turns into something else and then … I honestly have no idea where this is going. 
  • David Cronenburg audiobooks.
  • If you use Chrome, you simply must install the Earthview extension. See the world anew every time you open a tab. Can't recommend this enough.
  • Check out Tom "you know, that lovely chap that draws all the cakes and things on The Great British Bake Off" Hovey's new website
  • María Ramos Silva's Masters dissertation is all about the design of type for Olivetti typewriters. Really interesting stuff about the mechanics of typography. And now I really want an Olivetti Valentine. 
  • Aurelian Debat's Stampville looks like it'd be a lot of inky fun.
  • The Index – a wonderful experimental short by JG Ballard.