In my memoirs, I'll recount how I made a stand and stormed out of my in-house job, leaving nothing but the lyrics to Monkey Wrench as a resignation letter. In reality I was set free by redundancy. The jump wasn't entirely voluntary, but I decided to embrace the shove and take it as an opportunity to go freelance. 

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Way back in the halcyon B*Witched-soundtracked days of 1998, I made a minuscule contribution to the art of of science fiction UI. I'd managed to score a few months of intern work at Revolution Software whilst they were developing their new game In Cold Blood, and was tasked with creating various incidental graphic elements and background details. 

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At the recent New Adventures in Web Design conference in Nottingham, all attendees were given a goodie bag full of an assortment of nice bits and bobs. One item stood out from the rest: a postcard. A pre-stamped, ready-to-send postcard, to write on and send to whoever you wished …

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CMYK Shuttles

The San Diego Air and Space Museum's archive on Flickr is jam-packed with beautiful photographs and illustrations from the Space Shuttle programme. It's hard to pick out any particular favourites, so I just decided to go for a good spread of colours. Ain't they lovely? It seems weird that these are now vehicles of the past, historical artefacts, obsolete ideas of the future.