York needs a Streetmuseum app


Clifford Street , 1902

Earlier today, Mat Lazenby tweeted this picture from York Library's photo archive. Would love to get a close up of some of those posters (you just don't see enough advertising for starch these days, do you?), but the effect of them all together on one massive wall of selling is quite breathtaking. And not a single QR code in sight.

I dug out a few more from the archive:


111 Walmgate, 1913


Walmgate, date unknown – loving the crazy tail on the ampersand


the corner of Peasholme Green and Jewbury, 3th April 1912


Clifford Street, 1902


Gillygate , 1902

York is more than just the big live-in museum that many perceive it to be, but the place really is dropping with rich, tasty history. It's a shame that so much of it is buried away in difficult-to-search collections. Our streets are full of tourists and school parties year-round, so I'd love see images like these – and there are loads – put to good use. What York is crying out for is an app similar to the Museum of London's excellent Streetmuseum – something that encourages exploration and investigation, and takes history out of dusty cabinets and into people's hands.