Spin the black circle

Ever since I finally picked up and started reading Garry Mulholland’s Fear Of Music, I’ve been pining for my old vinyl LPs and singles. Due to an unwise/potentially catastrophic “rewiring” of my old turntable a couple of years ago, I’ve been without anything to play them on. Replacing it has been problematic because every turntable on the market is either made of hideous silvery plastic or costs a couple of grand.

But now I’ve seen this little beauty (at Apartment Therapy): the Crosley portable USB turnatable, available from Urban Outfitters. I could catch up on my vinyl fantasies, transfer the music to iTunes and, well … look at it. This thing looks like something my folks would have lugged around in the back of their E-Type back in the day. It just looks lovely.

Of course, buying it would then mean I’d have to fuel it with music. A few years ago I made myself buy one 7” every week – basing my choice pretty much entirely on the aesthetics of the sleeve – and discovered all kinds of amazing new music (best of which being the impulse buy of Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Maps). Unfortunately, York is now missing a decent record store, and I don’t know if HMV even bothers with vinyl stuff any more (apart from dancey dancey stuff for bedroom DJs).

So, advice please:

1. Has anyone actually got one of these? Is it any good?

2. Where the hell am I going to buy records from?