Some pigeons are more equal than others


Pigeons: not very exciting, are they? Just hobbling around on their gnarled feet, lingering by benches, chucking old bits of pasty around. They need a makeover. This project by Julius von Bismarck and Julian Charriere for the Venice Biennale might be just the answer. Charriere explains:

The project is about dying 35 pigeon in the city of Copenhagen A «pigeon apparatus» was build with this purpose. The machine works as a bird trap with a conveyor belt mechanism, once inside the machine the pigeon get automatically airbrushed in different colors. The machine was installed for a week on a roof in Copenhagen

Assuming this "apparatus" is within animal welfare regulations and is environmentally sound, I'd love to have on installed in York. No shortage of the ugly little winged blighters here. Actually, while we're at it, could we order a big one for all the evil geese too?