Chris Ware on the New Yorker

For some reason, most of the people I follow on love-it-or-hate-it network Path are dads. What with the lady wife and I being on the verge of spawning a new Benneworth-Gray, I've been increasingly fascinated and reassured by their teachings and bizarre little parenting anecdotes.

With summer nearing its end, these Pathdads are delivering their kids at school for the first time in weeks – some for the first time ever. As heartwrenching as this is, it's comforting to see so many dads talking openly about it – something that networks like Path are ideal for. The always-incredible Chris Ware has perfectly captured this 21st century school-gates-socialising (and melancholy) on his latest New Yorker cover.

I had a rummage around the magazine's excellent archive for Ware's other covers – all rather splendid. I can't think of any other artist (in any medium) who so succinctly captures the peculiarities of modern family life, from the shifting role of fatherhood to the ubiquitous glowing screen of the always-online parent. Above are some of the best.