29th August 2019

In my Creative Review column a couple of months ago, I wrote about the chaos of working from home and how family life adds a weird semblance of structure to my day. This week I’m home alone and time has MELTED. I wake up at pfffft o’clock, start work at whatever, and then at some point it’s probably time for dinner but who cares. Sending invoices at six in the morning, watching Mindhunter with lunch, a bowl of cereal every ten to twenty minutes. Do I need to sleep? When does that happen? Does anybody want me to read them a bedtime story? Why is nobody talking to me about Pokémon? Where’s that pretty lady who brings me coffee? WHERE AND WHEN AM I? On top of this, I’m bingeing my way through The Cinemile episodes so I’m on a perpetual walk back from a cinema I haven’t been to.