25th August 2019

Everyone’s a copywriter, right? Fab post by Clare Barry on professional writing, and why there’s a lot more to it than slavishly following the grammatical dogma they taught you at school. I particularly love this gem:

Virginia Woolf had a beautiful habit of swapping the narrative perspective mid paragraph. Jane Austen used double negatives. Charles Dickens was the king of run-on sentences — and E.E. Cummings didn’t give a flying cockatoo what you thought about capitalisation. That man capitalised whatever word he damned-well pleased. Or didn’t. Don’t get me started on Hemingway, whose grammar was a mix of playful creativity and 46% malt whisky.

Which kind of relates to my own little break from blogging dogma (blogma?) – I’ve abandoned post titles. Hard to explain why exactly, but I’m finding it exceedingly liberating to just be keeping a journal of notes-and-quotes rather than sticking to the “this post is about this” standard. Getting back to my primary reason for blogging – writing as thinking, rather than writing as clickbait. I put all these words down here for my own benefit. If anyone else reads it, that’s just a nice bonus.