12th September 2019

Some very small reviews of recent films:

  • Rams. Yet another brilliant documentary from Gary Hustwit. Watching it, I could feel a Vitsoe-shaped hole burning into my wallet. Would gladly watch an extended cut with more of Dieter Rams waving his walking stick of judgment at the contents of the Vitra Design Museum.

  • It Chapter Two. Not as good as the first, and it is very long (although that kind of feels right – I recall the original going on forever), but still a lot of fun. And the casting-up is spot on.

  • Overlord. Remember watching Band of Brothers for the first time and thinking this really needs a random Resident Evil episode? Watched in black and white, because why not. Not much to it, but it looked fabulous.

  • Happy Death Day. Really rather fun. Tone and setting reminded me a lot of Scream 2. Jessica Rothe is particularly good – a little bit Jodie Comer, a little bit Rachel McAdams. The second one isn’t as good, but deserves points for weaving in and out and around the first.

  • Fast Five. First of these I’ve seen since the first one, many years ago. Rather fun, in an “Ocean’s 11 fanfic written by a teenager who is trying his best to avoid some very big questions about his sexuality” kind of way.

  • Searching. Fantastic. Does marvellous things within the constraints of its high concept. And it completely Up’d me within the first ten minutes.

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Spent most of it thinking, where is this going? Nice to look at – it’s well worth checking out Clothes on Film’s costume analysis – but felt like two or three better films mashed into one (see also: Toy Story 4). Mostly just made me want to revisit The Quick and the Dead.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet. Enjoy screaming “well that makes no sense whatsoever” at the Cars movies? You’re going to love this!

  • The Emoji Movie. Imagine if Inside Out and Ralph Breaks the Internet had a baby. And then you dropped it.

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